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BioMap is a smart seating system and online app that enables wheelchair users to gain insight into their seated position as a way to assist in the prevention of life-threatening pressure ulcers.

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Pressure mapping management.
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Without a visual, it's difficult to determine where the heaviest points are while sitting. BioMap will provide you with colour coded pressure mapping, to show you which areas are at the greatest risk. The seating data is stored so you can track your positioning habits over time.


You're busy. We get it. We know it's human nature to get distracted from offloading weight regularly throughout each day. BioMap is designed to help you remember to offload your weight at timely intervals. We have your health and wellness in mind, even when life gets hectic.


Review all real-time updates of your most important vitals. Everything from your heart rate and respiratory rate to your body temperature and blood pressure. All at your fingertips.


See how your patterns have changed since beginning use of BioMap. Our cloud based algorithm patterns will reveal to you and your healthcare practitioner how your habits have shifted for the better.

Finally, all the information you need to make data-driven decisions about your seated health.

Stay tuned for launch dates in Canada.

A Story of Design Driven by Purpose.

BioMap was designed by Christine Goudie, a Biomedical Designer and Pediatric Adaptive Seating Specialist. Christine is a graduate of Carleton University's Master of Design program (School of Industrial Design with a focus in Biomedical Engineering) where she focused her thesis research on pressure sore prevention and the improvement of medical devices for persons with disabilities.

During her academic studies, she began to imagine a more effective way to monitor weight distribution for spinal cord injury (SCI) wheelchair users. Post graduation, Goudie spent time working within a hospital seating clinic where she recognized the need to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers within the SCI community. Christine decided to design a device that would help patients avoid the lengthy assessment waiting lists by providing a method to monitor their own seated health.

In 2016, Goudie pitched her business plan to BCIC's business incubator - Wavefront, who helped support and strategically guide her vision to build such a venture. In June 2017, BioMap transitioned to Wavefront's partner incuabtor - Innovate Calgary, where prototypes are currently underway. Gaining increased interest and traction in the health care space, BioMap is expanding into a growing team of designers, SCI wheelchair users and software developers.

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